Samsung Launches 3D HDTVs TA750 and TA950

Samsung has recently launched two new 3D HDTV monitors in the US market. The new 9 series HDTV, dubbed Samsung TA950, and the latest 7 series 3D hybrid monitor, christened Samsung TA750, display full high-definition 3D media contents.

Both the hybrid displays flaunt similar internal components. They could produce 120Hz stereoscopic images on the 23-inch and 27-inch screens. The new HDTV monitors promise to create a 3D ecosystem in your home with their high-quality 3D entertainment features.

After launching its first 3D capable HDTV two years ago, Samsung had developed innovative features to improve 3D image viewing further. 3D HyperReal Engine, the proprietary 3D system developed by Samsung, is embedded in the new Samsung 3D HDTV monitors. The unique 3D technology optimizes color, contrast and motion for producing hyper-real 3D images. With 1920 x 1080 full high-resolution support and ultra-fast refresh rate, Samsung TA750 and TA950 are ideally suited for 3D action games or watching 3D movies.

The new TV/PC displays support Samsung Smart Hub with Search All, Samsung Apps and Your Video features. Without switching on the host computer, users can search for contents directly from the HDTV. The new 7 and 9 series Samsung monitors work with a wide range of 2D and 3D compatible devices including 3D digital cameras, game consoles, Blue-ray players and set-top boxes. Moreover, a built-in unique feature of the 3D HDTVs could transform 2D contents into 3D in real-time. Two 7-watt speakers are installed in the monitors for producing 3D sound effect.

Along with standard PC input ports, the monitors feature two HDMI ports for accessing high-definition contents from compatible devices. The built-in ATSC tuner streams videos from Blu-ray players or game consoles and receives HD signals.

The Ultra Clear Panel Technology embedded in the razor thin monitors minimizes glare and external light reflection, enabling viewers to watch contents without straining their eyes.

The LED backlit technology consumes over 40 per cent less power than conventional LCD screens. Both the HDTV monitors are free from hazardous materials such as halogen and mercury.

Samsung TA750 and TA950 are expected to hit the shelves in May. The price of the 3D HDTVs starts from $600.

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