iHome 1A100 Bluetooth Stereo System

iHome, known for its innovative iPhone/iPod speaker solutions, introduced the unique Bluetooth stereo system lately. This is a device designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod application enhancement.

It is a type of a dock for all iDevices in your home. It really helps in enhancing the functionality of all portable electronic devices.  This new introduction is in fact the first product manufactured by the company to support the iPad. The innovative device introduced not only supports iPad but also is capable of taking advantage of its unique capabilities.

It supports charging, playback, and enhanced communication for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It fits in a removable rubber insert, which provides additional clearance to accommodate a wide variety of accessory cases that users buy for their iPads, iPhones, and iPods. The device has a built-in FM radio alarm clock for iPad, iPhone and docking iPod models.

It has many useful features like iHome+Sleep and iHome+Radio. The iHome+Sleep, is a free sleep-lifestyle application. On the other hand, iHome+Radio is an internet radio application. So, the device has been designed to dock and charge the iPad while the user is asleep. It is one of the first docking speaker products that is capable of executing this unique task.

It has mind boggling features for enthusiast. Firstly, it slots in Bluetooth technology to enable wireless communication. The wireless communication enables by Bluetooth is really handy and increases the entertainment quotient of the device and makes it truly multi tasking.

It transforms the device into a stand-alone speakerphone with echo cancellation, turns all Bluetooth enabled phones into speakerphones for using at either home or office. It can stream the audio of any music album or movies. In addition also customizes connections with iHome’s free iHome+Sleep and iHome+Radio application.

It also incorporates Bongiovi Acoustics’ DPS technology, giving the device superior sound quality. It boasts of Studio Series sound performance and real time signal processing. It has four active speakers in the Reson8 chambers. The four speakers are placed in a compact stereo configuration to deliver a superior sound quality.

It has the most number of features among all docking alarm clocks in the market. The iA100 can be said to have a truly universal dock design. Thus, it can be defined as a fully connected speaker system with sleep-to and wake-to settings, and outstanding social networking features. After going through all these amazing features, a price of $199 for this device is quite justified.

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