Countdown For Apple iPad Has Begun

So, the countdown for Apple iPad has finally begun. The over-hyped or the most-awaited device has received varied reactions from every nock and corner of the technology world and now after seeing green signal in every respect, the all-new Apple iPad is all set to hit the selves on April 3. The journey for iPad has been full of different actions and reactions but all through this, the iPad kept a lot of Apple’s buffs on their toes.

Coming at an introductory price tag of $499, the iPad abets its owners to enjoy browsing the web, sending and reading mail, listening to music, watching HD movies and loads of more to be mentioned.

On the feature front, the 1.5 pound device just touts to be 0.5-inch thick and comes built-in with a multi-touch user interface, and boasts of proffering up to 10hrs battery back-up. Besides, the retail stores of Apple offers an open personal Setup service to all those who buys the iPad from these stores and abet them to customize the avant-garde gadget.

Boasting of its iPad, Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs was quoted to have said that iPad hooks up its owners with their content and applications in a fun and intimate mode than as opposed to the previous way.

Besides, at the very morning of April 3, US Apple retail stores would be hosting specific workshops for iPad. These workshops will abet the customers to obtain more knowledge with regards to the latest Apple device.

The iPad Wi-Fi models are to be shipped on April 3 with a price of $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, and $699 for 64GB. But, the Wi-Fi + 3G models are slated to be introduced in late April at the cost of $629 for 16GB, $729 for 32GB and $829 for 64GB.

Besides, the iPad can be availed at Apple’s retail stores, selected and authorized resellers and at the majority of Best Buy stores. Likewise, the iBooks application for iPad, such as; Apple’s iBookstore is available to download without any cost from the Apple Store in the US on April 3. So, if you are awaiting your change to grapple your beloved Apple’s iPad, then get ready!

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